Permit Applications
If you are submitting a permit in person, please come to the new City Hall at 500 W. Live Oak St. in Hutto. We are updating forms as needed with the new address.

Permits may also be submitted online via MyGovernmentOnline. Payment can be made at City Hall via check, Visa or MasterCard. Payment may be made over the phone using Visa or MasterCard.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours minimum to process irrigation permits, water softener permits, storage building permit, patio, and any other minor project.

Permits issued by the City of Hutto do not supersede rules set in place by Homeowners Associations or private deed restrictions, therefore if is highly recommended that you get approval from your Homeowners Association and check your deed restrictions.

Certificate of Occupancy Application
Commercial Remodel/Finishout/Addition/Revision Building Permit Application
Demolition Permit Application
Inspection Only (electrical-plumbing)
Inspection Request Form
Irrigation - Plumbing (water heater-water softener) 
Mechanical (HVAC) Permit Application

Irrigation Backflow Prevention Test Maintenance Report FormJob Trailer - Fence - HUD - Other Permit Application
Fence Brochure & Information for Historic District Only
Mobile Food Vendor Application

Mobile Food Vendor Renewal Application
New Commercial Building Permit Application
New Residential Building Permit Application
Patio/Deck - Hot Tub/Spa - Pool - Storage Building Permit Application
(Storage Building Permit is not required if under 200 square feet in area and does not include electrical or plumbing connections)
Patio Cover Details
Residential Addition Permit Application
Residential Remodel - Wind Turbine Permit Application
Solar Permit Application 
Right Of Way Use Permit Application
Sign Permit Application
Site Clearing & Grading Permit
Site Plan Permit Application
Planning and Zoning Applications - Site Plan, Zoning, Subdivision
Hutto Fire and Rescue Development Applications