Hutto Downloadable Maps
To obtain shapefiles or maps (larger than 8.5 x 11) please fill out the following GIS Request Form and submit the form to Seth Neuman at

Planning Maps  
Image Description Last Updated
2018_Hutto_Boundaries_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Boundaries Map (8.5x11) July 2018
City_of_Hutto_2040_Future_Land_Use_Map_5_24_2017(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto 2040 Future Land Use Map (8.5x11) July 2018
2018_Hutto_Subdivisions_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Subdivisions Map (8.5x11) July 2018
Hutto_Zoning_Map_January2018(8.5x11)_1 Hutto Official Zoning Map (8.5x11) July 2018
City_of_Hutto_Historic_and_Contributing_Structures_Map_2018(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Historic and Contributing Structures Map (8.5x11) July 2018
City_of_Hutto_Historic_District_Zoning_Map_2018(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Historic District Zoning Map (8.5x11) July 2018
City_of_Hutto_Pedestrian_Mobility_Projects_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Pedestrian Mobility Projects Map (8.5x11) July 2018
Utility Maps  
2018_Hutto_Water_System_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Water System Map (8.5x11) July 2018
2018_Hutto_Wastewater_System_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Wastewater System Map (8.5x11) July 2018
2018_Drainage_Ditches_Maintenance_Map(8.5x11)_1 City of Hutto Property Maintenance Map (8.5x11) July 2018
City_of_Hutto_Water_CCN_Service_Area_Map_2018_1 City of Hutto Water CCN Service Area Map (8.5x11) July 2018 
City_of_Hutto_Wastewater_CCN_Service_Area_Map_2018_1 City of Hutto Wastewater CCN Service Area Map (8.5x11) July 2018