Fine Forgiveness To Support the Hutto Resource Center Food Pantry

In support of the Hutto Resource Center Food Pantry, the Hutto Public Library will be accepting food pantry items as an alternative way for patrons to pay for late fees and to return books to the collection, as well as, collecting non-expired pantry items listed below.

Each item equals $1 and will go toward forgiving $1 in the household library fines, they may have accrued. Items must be dropped off at the Hutto Public Library to count. No "credits" will be applied to patrons account when items are donated. If a patron owes $1.50, they would have to donate two items to pay the fees.

Acceptable items to donate to the Hutto Resource Center Pantry to forgive fees are:

Canned vegetables ~ corn/green beans
Canned fruit                    
Canned soup
Top Ramen
Peanut Butter                                                                             
Macaroni ‘n cheese
Canned meat and tuna                                                          
Pasta ~ spaghetti, macaroni
Pinto Beans
Toilet paper

Thank you for supporting your Hutto Resource Center Food Pantry and the Hutto Public Library! Thank you to the Hutto City Council for approving this resolution to approve a fee waiver for the library to forgive fines from June 1 to July 20, 2019, in support of the Hutto Resource Center Food Pantry.