Security Systems have come a long way!  Today, there are many options to choose from that allow you to monitor your home, or business, even by cell phone while you are away! 
While securing your home or business, if your alarm is located inside of the Hutto city limits you are required to purchase an alarm permit, or register, each system you own and operate.  This is required by City Ordinance regardless of whether or not your security system is monitored. View the complete ordinance here and enter "alarm permit" in the search field.

Residential alarm permit fees are $25 annually.  Business alarm permit fees are $50 annually.

Please complete the application and submit to the Hutto Police Department with payment.

If you have a Hutto address but are outside of the city limits, you will need to purchase an alarm permit with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.  Visit their website for more information. 

False Alarm Reduction
Public safety resources are limited and should never be wasted.  Many patrol hours are spent investigating alarm reports that turn out to be "false alarms."  SB No. 568 allows a municipality to collect fees for false alarms.  The following fees will be collected if the number of false alarms in a 12-month period is reached.
$ 50 - more than 3, less than 6
$ 75 - more than 5, less than 8
$ 100 - 8+
See the attached False Alarm Prevention brochure for information and tips.