Criminal Investigation Division
CID FingerprintThe goals of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) are to investigate criminal offenses, 
prepare cases for prosecution and reduce crime.  Criminal offenses that require follow-ups are assigned to detectives. A substantial amount of these cases are cleared by means such as arrest and filing with the District and County Attorneys. Detectives work a variety of crimes from misdemeanors to capital felonies. The criteria and solvability factors that determine whether a case may be assigned for follow-up investigation include, but are not limited to, the nature of the crime, suspect information, property identification, witness information and the presence of physical evidence.

Division Commander
LT CazalasLieutenant Cody Cazalas began his career in Law Enforcement with the City of Galveston as an Evening Watch Patrol Officer in 1988. In 1990, he served as a Field Training Officer on Evening Watch Patrol Division.

In 1996, Cazalas was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and transferred to the Night Watch Patrol Division, where he also served as a Field Training Supervisor. In 1999, Cazalas was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division. He first served as a Supervisor in the Warrant Division and later as an Investigator with The Major Crimes Division. During his nearly 23-years with The Galveston Police Department, Cazalas also served the citizens of Galveston as an investigator with The Internal Affairs Division, The Mounted Patrol, The Tactical Response Team, Intoxilyzer Operator and the Crisis/ Negotiation Team before retiring on October 1, 2010.

On October 4, 2010, Cazalas went to work for The Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, where he was assigned to The Clear Creek Independent School District as a Liaison Deputy. In 2013, Cazalas was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Division and assigned as an Investigator with The Galveston County Auto Crimes Task Force. Cazalas resigned in May 2017 to accept his position with The Hutto Police Department.    

Cazalas holds a Master’s Certificate with the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement with nearly 4000-hours of specialized investigative training.

Cazalas has also been active in his community. For twenty years, Cazalas has worked security at the Galveston County Fair and Rodeo, the last nine as the Security Supervisor, he supervised approximately sixty officers over the annual ten-day event. Cazalas also is active in numerous civic club and the Rotary Club where he speaks on high-profile investigations during his career.

CID Staff
Detective Parker
Detective Moehrig
Detective Mattingly
Detective Hotchkins
Detective Riley