Pocket Motorcycles
The recent surge in popularity of "pocket motorcycles" has seen an increase in the number of these vehicles in our city. With this in mind, the City of Hutto would like to ensure that parents and operators are aware of the laws as they relate to these vehicles. 

Pocket motorcycles, also called mini motorbikes, are classified as motor vehicles by the Texas Department of Transportation. Therefore, they are subject to all laws established under the Transportation Code.

The Transportation Code requires all motor vehicles to pass a safety inspection and maintain valid registration and insurance when operating on a public roadway. The Texas Department of Transportation advises these vehicles cannot pass the safety inspection; therefore, they cannot be registered. Without proper inspection and registration these motor vehicles are prohibited from utilizing public roadways. The Texas Transportation Code prohibits the operation of a motor vehicle on sidewalks. Furthermore, the City of Hutto prohibits the use of motor vehicles in all city parks.

This raises the question, “where can these vehicles be operated?”  Private property is currently the only location where these vehicles can be legally operated.

The City of Hutto is committed to providing a safe environment for citizens on city streets and in neighborhoods. We recommend operators and parents to be familiar with the laws as they pertain to these vehicles and to utilize proper safety equipment.