Spec Ops2The Special Operations Division is comprised of all of the specialized units in the department. Most of these units are made up of officers that perform these specialized duties in addition to their primary duties. Currently the Special Operations Division is home to the Traffic Unit, K9 Unit, City Hall Security Unit, Hutto Response Team (HRT), Police Chaplin Unit, and Animal Control Unit. In addition to the operation of these units, the Special Operations Division is also tasked with  providing police assets for special events throughout the city, updating the police web page, and other specialized assignments as needed. 

Group Commander - Sgt. Shannon Davis
 shannon.davis@huttotx.gov  512-759-4912
K9 Unit
Ofc C. Long (K9 Rik)- cody.long@huttotx.gov 
Ofc E. Fraley (K9 Raisin)- evan.fraley@huttotx.gov

City Hall Security Unit
Ofc R. Wheeler - randy.wheeler@huttotx.gov
Ofc M. Maya - mauricio.maya@huttotx.gov

Animal Control Unit
ACO W. Cunningham - wayne.cunningham@huttotx.gov
ACO J. Corbiere - jacqueline.corbiere@huttotx.gov  

Code Enforcement Unit
CEO R. Huerta - ronee.huerta@huttotx.gov 512-759-5994