The City of Hutto is enhancing mobility by implementing a sound street maintenance program. 

Here is the latest on construction projects underway.

  • Potholes dug for site evaluation (septic). Passed as per Wilco inspector. Permit being processed. Corresponding with Wilco this week. Getting closure to constructing septic
  • Transformer installed. Awaiting request for meter from COH
  • Stage steel structure is in place. Starting to place roof decking on stage structure and bathroom
  • Forming sidewalk
 Brooklands 1 & 2             
  • Placing curb and gutter along streets
  • Placing final lift of base
 Brushy Creek Trail      
  • We had a pre-construction meeting to start the revision adding a spur trail
  • 4 piers for the bridge have been poured
Carl Stern and Frame Switch Water Tanks  
  • Waiting on good weather for final painting
Chick Fil A 
  • Utilities are in and the building is going vertical
Cross Creek 
  • Streets being excavated
  • Wastewater lines being installed
  • Water lines being installed
  •  Bridge piers are being drilled and poured. 
City Hall (Co-Op)                                                                                                  
  • Oncor moving power lines and installing temporary power    
  • Spectrum is rerouting cable lines  
  • Storm pipe installation continues    
  • Working on ponds    
  • Installing irrigation and electrical conduit  
  • Starting work on SW parking
  • Clearing and grading NW parking
Dairy Queen     
  • Working on plumbing    
  • Parking lot and driveway complete    
ESD Fire Station
  • Going vertical with structural steel
  • Setting Concrete Mason Units (CMU) for walls
FM 1660 Utility Relocation  
  • Waterline B and C are in service. Line A has passed Hydrostatic test and we will run a Bacterial Test on Thursday
Front Street Water Line       
  • Final paperwork   
Highlights of Hutto      
  • Installing utilities    
  • Working on site pads    
  • Building is in progress   
Hutto Crossing 4-4 
  • Box culvert at TxDOT ROW are installed.
  • Awaiting asphalt to be placed
Hutto Crossing 4-9 
  • Clearing and grading 
  • Installing waste water line
  • Installing water line
Hutto Highlands      
  • Waiting on repairs to storm sewer
Hutto Plaza       
  • Fence replacement pending  
Hutto Square 5B    
  • Working on storm sewer
  • Working on dry utilities  
Innovation Business Park       
  • Working on the deceleration lane    
  • Working on the retaining wall    
  • Working on landscape buffer     
  • Punch list      
Limmer Loop Sidewalk       
  • Cleaning and shaping ditch lines.
  • Tying into 48” Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) just west of creek. Will continue laying pipe to tie in to RCP previously laid up stream. 
North Creek Apartments       
  • Punch list    
North East Utilities     
  • Punch list pending    
Red Dog Car Wash    
  • Poured concrete parking
Star Ranch Service King    
  • Walls are up    
  • Cutting ponds and rough grading    
FM 1660 Utility Relocation                                 
  • Construction to be complete within next two weeks
Engineering Manual and Construction Details
  • Final Draft of Engineering Manual in Final Review
  • All construction details, notes and supplemental forms in final review     
  • Preparing to update City’s website with current details, created new details based on Utility and Construction teams requests, waiting for confirmation on new lid design

  For more information our Streets and Drainage projects, please visit the project updates page.