How to Diagnose a Water Leak
  • Check the water meter to see if the leak indicator is showing usage, ensure that all water is turned off in the home (There is a triangle dial in the center of the water meter, if the water is running or leaking the triangle will be rotating).
  • If all water is off in the home and the meter is showing usage, the leak belongs to the customer.
  • If the meter is not showing any water consumption then the leak will most likely belong to the City.
  • Sometimes leaks can be so small that the meter will barely turn. Take a minute to write the meter reading down and ensure that no water will be running while you are away. When you come back several hours later the meter reading should be the same as you left it earlier, if not the customer has a potential water leak.

The City is responsible for the water line up to the meter; the customer is responsible from the backside of the meter to the home or business.

If in doubt, please call 512.759.4055 and we will be glad to assist you.