Place 6- Terri Grimm
Title: City Council, Place 6
Term: May 2017-May 2019
Phone: (512) 759-4033


Councilmember Grimm is a coach's wife, stay at home mom, and an advocate for the citizens of Hutto.  Her husband, Kevin, and their four children have proudly called Hutto their forever home since 2010.  Terri is actively supportive and involved in athletic programs as a mother and as a wife. 

Citizens of Hutto have always been and will always be her number one priority. Meeting with them as a group, or one on one is of the utmost importance to Terri. Her other top priorities while serving as a council member are; public safety, better roads, parks and recreation, and keeping that small town feel while the city grows. 

"The chair I sit in on the Dias belongs to the citizens. I am humbled to be their voice,” said Terri.