Bond Update

Prop A: Roads & Drainage | $70 Million
Proposition A is for constructing, improving, extending, expanding, upgrading and/or developing streets, roads and intersections to include:
•               FM 1660 North and Limmer Loop;
•               FM 1660 at U.S. 79;
•               FM 1660 South and Front Street; and 
•               Other streets to be determined.
Additionally, this proposition includes utility relocation, drainage improvements, sidewalks, traffic safety and operational improvements, necessary rights-of-ways and other related costs.
National Public Works Week 2019 is over, but we still appreciate all the hard work from our Public Works Department.
Check out the National Public Works Week 2019 video here and learn more about what our Public Works teammates do!

Prop B: Public Safety & Communications Facility | $5 Million
Proposition B is for planning, designing, constructing, purchasing, renovating, repairing, replacing, improving, expanding and equipping public safety and communication facilities for the City police department, including audio and visual technology and related software or hardware in connection with such facilities and other related costs.

Prop C: Parks & Recreation Facilities | $50 Million 
Proposition C is for constructing, acquiring, improving, renovating, developing and equipping, land, buildings, and supporting infrastructure for parks and recreational purposes, including
•               Renovation of existing parks and recreational facilities
•               Extension of roadways, trails, parking and/or drainage improvements at or integrated into parks; and
•               The purchase of any necessary rights-of-way and related  infrastructure and other costs.
This proposition authorizes the construction of and equipment for a recreation center and athletic fields.
Check out the first Bond-financed park project groundbreaking here!

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