Contact Us
Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
City Council Doug Gaul Mayor (512)-759-4033
City Council Scott Rose City Council Place 1 (512)-759-4033
City Council Tom Hines Mayor Pro-tem, City Council Place 2 (512)-759-4033
City Council Nate Killough City Council Place 3 (512)-759-4033
City Council Tim Jordan City Council Place 4 (512)-759-4033
City Council Patti Turner City Council, Place 5 patti.turner@huttotxgov._ (512)-759-4033
City Council Terri Grimm City Council, Place 6 (512)-759-4033
City Manager's Office Odis Jones City Manager (512)-759-4030
City Manager's Office Christine Lucas Executive Assistant to the City Manager christine.lucas@huttotxgov._ (512)-759-4030
City Secretary Lisa Brown City Secretary lisa.brown@huttotxgov._ (512)-759-4033
Human Resources Penny Landschoot Payroll & Benefits Manager (512)-759-4045
City Manager's Office Helen Ramirez Assistant City Manager (512)-759-5961
Building Permits and Inspections Bryan Surgi Chief Building Officer (512)-759-4037
Code Enforcement Irasema Dimas Senior Code Enforcement Officer (512)-759-4043
Business & Development Services Yvette Glover Development Coordinator (512)-759-5964
Business & Development Services John Byrum Senior Planner (512)-759-5960
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Seth Neuman GIS Analyst (512)-759-5968
Finance Lindsay Strothman Accountant (512)-759-4048
Finance Ryan Morgan General Services Manager (512)-759-4059
Finance James Bryson Director of Finance (512)-759-4051
General Services Ramon Garcia Facility Maintenance Technician (512)-759-4037
Library Lisa Riggs Library Supervisor (512)-759-4008
Information Technology David Reeves IT Manager (512)-759-4026
Information Technology Richard Martinez Systems Administrator (512)-759-4026
Municipal Court Lucas Wilson Municipal Judge
Municipal Court Sara Naylor Court Prosecutor
Municipal Court Lea Ness Court Administrator (512)-759-1011
Municipal Court Taffenie Walton Senior Court Clerk (512)-759-1011
Utility Billing Monica Burke Utility Billing Analyst (512)-759-4055
Utility Billing David Hartman Water Services Technician (512)-759-4016
Utility Billing Kisha Smith Utility Billing Customer Service Supervisor (512)-759-4041
Parks and Recreation Pamela Brett Groundskeeper (512)-759-4003
Parks and Recreation Jordan Sims Groundskeeper (512)-759-4003
Parks and Recreation Tim Weaver Groundskeeper (512)-759-4003
Economic Development Sharon Parker Assistant Events Manager (512)-759-4003
Parks and Recreation Sydawnie Douglass Special Events Coordinator sydawnie.douglass@huttotxgov._ (512)-759-4009
Public Safety Nate Spraggins Lieutenant Patrol Services (512)-759-5987
Public Safety Edna Vela Management Assistant (512)-759-5978
Support Services Division Catherine Parker CIU Detective (512)-759-5991
Support Services Division Suzanne Glass Community Resource Officer (512)-759-5978
Support Services Division Rhonda Redden Crime Scene Technician (512)-759-5986
Patrol Services Division Evan Fraley Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division James Bomer Traffic Safety Sergeant (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Josh Bellenir Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Brittany Cunningham Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Shannon Davis Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Zachary Inlow Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Jamie Alcocer Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Demetrius Bowser Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Robert Cantu Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Criminal Investigations Division Michael Moehrig Detective (512)-759-5981
Patrol Services Division Jeremy Quilimaco Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Christopher Carpenter Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Brady Staples Patrol Sergeant (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Abel Valles Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division John Vargas Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Patrol Services Division Mary Clements Patrol Sergeant (512)-759-5978
Public Works Anthony Host Director of Public Works & Construction Inspection (512)-759-4025
Engineering Todd Meaker Construction Inspector
Community Services Scot Stromsness Executive Director of Community Services (512)-759-4050
Public Works Stella Gonzales Management Assistant (512)-759-4023
Public Works Mark Nunez Street & Grounds Supervisor (512)-759-4019
Public Works Matt Edwards Utility Supervisor (512)-759-4020
Animal Control Wayne Cunningham Senior Animal Control Officer (512)-759-5985
Engineering Bonnye Brewington Associate Engineer (512)-759-4024
Communications Eliska Padilla PIO, Executive Director of Communications & Marketing (512)-759-4034
Building Permits and Inspections Allison Easterling Permit Technician (512)-759-5971
Public Works Cody Slavych Street Maintenance Technician
Building Permits and Inspections Jon Ubelhor Building Inspector (512)-759-5965
Finance Joel Valverde Accounting Technician (512)-759-4002
Animal Control Jacqueline Corbiere Animal Control Officer (512)-759-5985
Police Paul Hall Assistant Chief of Police (512)-759-5978
City Secretary Irma Gonzales Assistant City Secretary (512)-759-5970
Human Resources Michelle Lukes Human Resources Generalist (512)-759-4028
Police Byron Frankland Chief of Police (512)-759-5978
Engineering Slade Harris Construction Inspector
Public Works Lance Kirk Senior Street Maintenance Tech
Economic Development Jessica Bullock Director of Economic Development (512)-759-4012
Economic Development Kristi Robich Downtown Tourism &  Events Manager (512)-759-4029
Utility Billing Amanda Beran Customer Service Representative (512)-759-4832
Utility Billing Crystal Casas Customer Service Representative (512)-759-4054
Utility Billing Jacob Sanchez Water Services Technician
Municipal Court Alicia Norton Deputy Court Clerk (512)-759-1011
Business & Development Services Ashley Lumpkin Executive Director Business Development Services (512)-759-5961
Business & Development Services Angel Kavanaugh Management Assistant (512)-759-5973
Engineering and Public Works Matt Rector Executive Director of Engineering and Public Works (512)-759-4022
Public Works Eric Towns Senior Street Maintenance Tech
Public Works Lance Zeplin Street & Drainage Foreman
Public Works Gregory Altamirano Street Maintenance Tech Trainee
Public Works Jose Rodriguez Street Maintenance Tech Trainee
Public Works Aaron Neslony Senior Utility Technician
Public Works Calynn Duffey Utility Technician
Public Works Carson Monroe Utility Technician Trainee
Public Works Nicholas Parker Utility Technician Trainee
Public Works Richard Rodriguez Utility Technician Trainee
Public Works Jose Sanchez Utility Technician
Public Works Anthony Townsend Utility Technician
Public Works Travis Duncan Utility Technician Trainee
Public Works Pedro Gonzales Utility Technician Trainee
Police Marc Harris Patrol Officer
Police Keegan Johnson Patrol Officer
Police Cody Long Patrol Officer
Police Scott Mattingly Patrol Officer
Police Mauricio Maya Patrol Officer
Police Gregory Parris Patrol Officer
Police Jeremiah Shepard Patrol Officer
Police Victor Vergara Patrol Officer
Police Randy Wheeler Patrol Officer
Police Stephen Schlather Patrol Sergeant
Police Cody Cazalas Criminal Investigations Lieutenant (512)-759-5976
Police Dwain Jones Support Services Lieutenant (512)-759-5991
Police Conor Mitchell Support Services Sergeant
City Secretary Lynn Trumbul Senior Assistant City Secretary (512)-759-5992
Communications Jennifer Atkinson Communications Specialist (512)-759-5969
Communications Reena O'Brien Director of Communications (512)-759-4833
Library Jessica McCart Librarian
Library Tanya Bechara Library Assistant
Library Susan Misti Library Assistant
Parks and Recreation Arthur Garcia Groundskeeper
Human Resources Cari Hodges HR Assistant and Talent Development Trainer (512)-759-5995
General Services Michael Simons Fleet Manager (512)-759-5993
Police Edward Mora Patrol Officer
Police Sam Wilson Patrol Officer
Business & Development Services Lauren Boenig Planning Intern
Parks and Recreation Melvin Banks Parks Maintenance Technician
Engineering Samuel Ray Senior Associate Engineer (512)-759-5989
Human Resources Allison Hosgood Executive Director of Organizational Development and Human Services (512)-759-4006
Business & Development Services Ashby Grundman Director of City Planning (512)-759-5974
Parks and Recreation Rob Grotty Manager of Parks Maintenance (512)-759-4036
Parks and Recreation Daniel Fowler Groundskeeper
Public Works David Werth Street Maintenance Tech Trainee
Code Enforcement Ronee Huerta Code Enforcement Officer (512)-759-5994
Parks and Recreation Shane Mize Director of Parks & Recreation (512)-759-5967
Parks and Recreation Simon Cantu Groundskeeper
Police Andrea Jenssen Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
City Manager's Office Edena Atmore Assistant City Manager (512)-759-4032
Public Works John Olloway Street Maintenance Tech Trainee
Public Safety Amanda Pruneda Receptionist / Permit Clerk (512)-759-5978
Utility Billing Theresa Wooten Customer Service Representative (512)-759-4055
Finance Tayo Sokale Procurement Manager (512)-759-4018
Communications Matthew Seaton Creative Marketing Specialist (512)-759-4040
Parks and Recreation Adrian Vasquez Groundskeeper
Finance Michel Sorrell Chief Financial Officer (512)-759-4834
Public Works Albert Wininger Utility Director (512)-759-4038
Patrol Services Division Jerry Meadors Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Parks and Recreation Daniel Roque Management Assistant (512)-759-4005
Police David Torres Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978
Police Mitchel Barton Patrol Officer (512)-759-5978