The Hutto City Council voted in a 5/2 vote to remove all current EDC Type A board members. The motion, brought by Councilmember Nate Killough and seconded by Councilmember Terri Grimm, “did not come lightly,” said Killough.

“I feel that we are so far apart with our current A structure board, that we are not going to see eye to eye. However, I do want to express my sincere appreciation to the Type A board that served in this leadership capacity,” added Killough.

Killough expressed appreciation for the groundwork laid by the EDC Board, but heralds a new day with a board that is in line with where the community and Council are heading. The EDC in combination with the City helped us to develop our assets, including the educational and workforce development tool Hutto has in the East Williamson County Higher Education Center. 

“EWCHEC, along with our “open for business” policy, incentives, new codes and ordinances, and a commitment to infrastructure make Hutto a great place for entrepreneurs and developers to invest in our growing community,” explained Killough.

“If you look at the dias, there are seven new faces from the last two years … that tells us that the citizens of this community wanted change, and we are giving that to them,” said Killough. “As responsible Councilmembers, we have worked tirelessly to follow-up on citizen concerns with our EDC, and its results with taxpayer investment.”

“I urge our community, to join the Council and the City leadership in moving forward in unity,” said Killough.