Innovation Business Parks Walls Are Up

 HUTTO, Texas (July 23, 2018) – As the Texas heat started to wash over the construction site, the first vertical walls of Innovation Business Park were raised this morning.

 Poured in sections, and then lifted by crane and braced by long metal poles, tilt-walls are a structurally and fiscally sound method to help stand up Hutto’s ambitious business park. Innovation Business Park, a 72-acre business park located just off State Highway 130, is the largest business park to be built in Central Texas in the last decade. Titan Development’s business park, home to approximately 800,000 sq. ft. of space at complete build-out, broke ground in November 2017 and began this first phase of construction with 150,000 sq. ft. of business spec space for one to four tenants.

 “It’s pretty amazing construction,” said Bryan Surgi, Chief Building Official for the City of Hutto. “They stand the walls up, bolt them to brackets in the building footing, and then do another concrete pour to finish it all up.”

 For a wide-open space like the buildings at Innovation, tilt-wall construction means lower material costs, and all walls can be poured on site. The walls are poured directly on the slab, with a release compound layered between the wall and base slab. The walls then release off the slab as they’re lifted by a crane.

 Once all the walls are in place, the wall surfaces will be smoothed and finished, and a steel roof structure will be added.

For more information about Innovation Business Park, please visit the Magnificent 7 webpage.