HUTTO, Texas - For deployed Hutto police officer, Christian Fain, service doesn’t stop at the City limits. Currently, Army Spc. Fain is serving with his Texas Army National Guard unit in the Horn of Africa, as part of Task Force Alamo. These soldiers will train with partner units, such as members of the Djibouti military, and provide security for U.S. personnel and property in the Combined Joint Task Force- Horn of Africa region.

 Fain, an infantryman with A Company, 1-141 Infantry Battalion, headquartered in San Antonio, is assigned to security, helping ensure the safety of all personnel on the base.

 Even though he’s not carrying his Hutto police badge on this deployment, some of his training helps him perform his overseas mission. Fain credits his police training with making him a better soldier and his co-workers for giving him good advice.

 “I was a soldier before joining the police force, but being a police officer has definitely made me a better soldier,” Fain said. “I am proud to say that I work alongside several veterans at the police department and was given great advice about many things to look out for.”

 “There are certain things I can carry over,” he said, “proper radio etiquette and how to communicate when a stressful situation arises.”

 Fain’s absence is felt keenly in the Hutto Police Department, but less for the lack of an officer to go on shift, and more for his personality.

 “He’s one of those guys who just has a huge heart,” said Assistant Chief of Police Paul Hall. “But he wanted two things in life – serve in the military and be a police officer.”

 Fellow officers have already sent several care packages and are putting together more,” Hall said. “We talk about him all the time, and he’s texted Chief Frankland and me to see how everyone here is doing.”

 As a squad leader, Fain is getting practical experience he can bring home to his job with the Hutto police department.

 “Right now, I am learning how to manage stressful situations while being in a leadership position. I am also learning step by step emergency planning for worst case scenarios,” Fain said. “Most of all, I am happy to gain knowledge in military K9 tactics since I want to be a K9 Officer at the department upon my return.”

 Fain misses family life, too. “Out of everything, I miss my wife, Tram, the most,” he said. “She is taking care of our two dogs, Dany and Harley.”

 For Hall, Fain’s deployment is summed up in a simple sentence. “We miss him, but we’re very proud of him,” Hall said.