A Hutto resident was on a bit of a slippery slope when two off-duty police officers happened to come across her predicament on Wed., July 18.

The resident was walking her dog near the soccer fields between the Riverwalk subdivision and Brushy Creek.

“My dog loves to run and jump in an out of the creek looking for fish,” she said. “I’ve never seen fish, but I get my exercise walking after her, so it’s a win-win for both of us.”

At the end of their walk, the dog decided to head under a bridge for one last chance at a fish, and her owner joined her to get out of sun. Picking her way through some tree branches scattered around, the woman lost her footing and went headfirst into the creek.

“I was trying to call a friend to come ‘rescue’ me,” she said, “but I wasn’t getting good reception down there.”

She asked a passerby for help, and he offered to call 911, but she didn’t feel she needed emergency services and declined.

“I insisted I didn’t need the police to come for me tumbling into two inches of water,” she said, “so I thanked him and said I’d figure something out.”

As she was searching the bank for a tree or other anchor to help her climb out of the creek, two younger men approached her, asking if she needed help. Unbeknownst to the woman, they were off-duty Hutto police officers, Gregory Parris and Victor Vergara.

“They were concerned and thought I needed an ambulance,” she said, “but other than scraped knees and a bruised ego, I really just needed help getting out.”

Parris and Vergara helped the resident out of the creek, then offered to go back for her belongings, all the while offering her water, and staying with her to make sure she was okay.

“I just had to call and tell their lieutenant or the chief or the mayor or someone to tell about how refreshingly amazing it is that such nice, polite and conscientious young men work for the City,” she said.

Hutto Police Chief Byron Frankland said he’s not surprised his officers stopped to help someone on a day off.

“These officers would tell you they’re on duty 24/7, and they love their jobs,” he said. “I’d expect nothing less from them.”