City Council Meeting Wrap for December 20

 Here’s a quick run-down on the top happenings from the December 20 City Council meeting-

RikNew K-9 Officer Recognition – At the start of the meeting, Councilmember Scott Rose recognized the Hutto Police Department's new addition - K-9 Rik.

During his first patrol shift on Wednesday, Dec. 19, K-9 Rik and handler, Ofc. Cody Long, were requested by Taylor Police Department to assist with an open-air vehicle search. Officer Rik detected a scent and alerted officers to the possible presence of narcotics. According to the Taylor PD, Officer Rik’s assistance was vital in securing evidence, resulting in a narcotics-related citation.

K-9 Rik is a dual-purpose canine, able to perform both narcotic detection and suspect apprehension, and joins K-9 Raisin, a tracking dog, as the second K-9 officer in the Hutto PD.

New Equipment – City Council approved a resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute the purchase of a reclaimer/stabilizer from Asphalt Zipper.

 This equipment is needed to continue moving from contracted street repair work to performing street repairs internally. The reclaimer allows City crews to mill the top layer of the street to a predetermined depth, and will improve the street repair process. The crews have been making do with a smaller piece of equipment not originally designed to reclaim/mill asphalt, resulting in additional maintenance due to the heavy workload.

 The cost of this machine is $158,460.00 and will be paid for from existing bond funds. 

 First Reading of New Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance – With the first reading of a new flood damage prevention ordinance, City Council moved to bring the City of Hutto in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding flood prevention and damage mitigation.

 The language in the ordinance specifies what can and cannot be built in the City’s flood plain. The most recent flood plain map is from 2009, although an updated map is expected to be released by FEMA in 2019.

 For more information on the City Council meeting, please visit the City of Hutto website for agenda, packet, and video.