HUTTO, Texas – The Hutto Police Department welcomed their second K9 officer, an 18-month-old Belgian IMG_7993Malinois named Rik, on Dec. 19. Paired with handler Ofc. Cody Long, K-9 Ofc. Rik will perform both narcotic detection and suspect apprehension roles in the City of Hutto.

“He’s really a force multiplier,” said Hutto Police Chief Byron Frankland. “We have always appreciated the partnerships we have with other agencies and their K-9s, but they have their own jobs to do.”

Rik is the first dual-purpose K-9 officer in the department.

“Our first K-9 officer, Raisin, offers a unique skillset, being able to track extended trails. She can track a missing person or a suspect who ran, but she lacks narcotics detection,” said Long. “The chief and the city manager wanted our citizens to have this resource so we don’t have to depend on other agencies to do narcotics sniffs or apprehend dangerous criminals that pose a threat to community and officers.”

During their first patrol shift, Long and Rik assisted on an open-air vehicle search involving both Hutto and Taylor Police Departments. The dog detected a scent and alerted officers to the possible presence of narcotics.

“We really appreciated the help on this call from Hutto PD. Rik’s assistance was vital in securing evidence resulting in a narcotics-related citation,” said Commander Joseph Branson, Taylor Police Department Support Services Commander. “We’ve always enjoyed a close relationship with Hutto PD and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Rik has been in training for several months, although he and Long have only been working together as a pair for about three weeks.

“The last few weeks have been an opportunity to bond and learn how to work together,” said Long. “He learned what I expect from him and I learned what he expects from me.”

Now, Long and Rik are looking forward to being a part of the Hutto community

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