City of Hutto Named in Top 50 Safest Cities in Texas

Hutto, TEXAS (Jan. 29, 2019) – UPDATE: The City of Hutto was named the second-safest city in Texas by the home security system review website, The Home Security Advisor. The website looked at the 2017 FBI crime statistics, combined violent and property crimes, then divided by the number of residents.

Texas averages 439 violent crimes per 100,000, and 2,563 property crimes per 100,000 residents. Hutto averaged 22 violent crimes and 138 property crimes.

To normalize the findings across various population centers, the website normalized the finding to reflect a weighted average per 100,000 residents.

ORIGINAL: The City of Hutto was named among the Top 50 Safest Cities in Texas this week by home security review website Safewise. Safewise reviewed the 2016 FBI Crime Reports, the most recent data available, and ranked cites according to violent and property crimes, relative to population.

Hutto was ranked as the 28th safest city in Texas, with less than nine violent or property crimes per 1,000 residents. This report by Safewise comes on the heels of the recent crime statistics report, delivered to the City Council on Nov. 1, 2018 by Hutto Police Chief Byron Frankland, and confirms the overall downward trend in crime in Hutto.

The City Council highlighted public safety as part of the Magnificent 7, a group of priority projects that include quality of life, infrastructure and growth, and economic development.

 In fiscal year 2018, although calls for service rose 12 percent, overall citations fell 16 percent. The report also reflected a decrease in burglaries, robberies, criminal mischief and driving while intoxicated offenses among others, as compared to fiscal year 2017.

“This reduction in crime is a reflection of the hard work of our police officers,” said Chief Byron Frankland. “Every day and night, our officers are in the community working to keep our residents safe and I couldn’t be more proud of their dedication.”

Sexual assaults also decreased 14 percent, coinciding with the ordinance passed by the City Council in June 2017 restricting where registered child sex offenders may reside in Hutto. The new ordinance restricted child sex offenders from living closer than 1,000 feet from areas where children congregate, including bus stops, playgrounds and schools.

“The City Council is dedicated to providing a safe environment for families here, and we think the drop in crime statistics shows that our commitment to increasing public safety is working,” said Mayor Doug Gaul.

 Frankland cited robust support from the City Council and City Manager Odis Jones, as key to the increased security in the City. “We couldn’t ask for better support from the city manager, city council and residents of Hutto,” said Frankland. “Every day, we’re working to make our community safer, and I couldn’t be prouder of the department.”