The City of Hutto is soliciting items to put in a time capsule that will be buried at the new City Hall and be unearthed 50 years later. Hutto residents and businesses are encouraged to consider submitting one or two items to be considered for inclusion in the time capsule.

Please submit items that are representative of this period of time in Hutto’s history. Suggested items include: letters, children’s artwork, local newspaper, entertainment magazine (People, US), weekly news magazine (Time, Newsweek), ticket stubs (concert, movie, sporting events), bumper stickers, pins, patches, trading cards (sports or other collectibles), popular toy or doll (Beanie Babies®, Barbie, etc.), product packaging, photographs, advertisements, books, t-shirts, map, brochures. 

Contributions will be accepted beginning February 11, 2019 to March 29, 2019 and should be delivered to the City Secretary’s office, attention Lisa Brown, 401 W. Front Street, Hutto, Texas 78634, 512-479-4033.

Please complete the following form to submit with your item.

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