Hutto, Texas — Hutto City Manager announces increased security due to heightened security interests at the new City Hall at 500 W. Live Oak Street.


The Hutto City Hall has more than 11,000 SF of public areas for citizens to enjoy as they visit the Co-Op District, City Hall and public library. However, all visitors to the offices of new City Hall are now required to show identification at the receptionist desk which is now also manned by a police officer. Visitors will be required to show identification, sign in and be escorted for meetings at City offices. 

“The changes will create a safer environment for city staff, officials and citizens,” Jones said. 

“Security is becoming more a part of our daily lives,” said Eliska Padilla, the City’s public information officer. “We wanted to increase safety and security for the people who work in the building while still allowing the public to have free access.”