Proposition A passed on Nov. 7 with 71.03% of votes in favor of redirecting the 0.5% Sales and Use Tax that is currently used to fund the Type 4A Economic Development Corporation. These funds will now be used to fund a Type 4B EDC.

Hutto City Manager, Odis Jones, said late Tuesday night, “Today is a new day in Hutto. The citizens have sent a mandate that they want accountability with regards to their money, and that they are happy with the direction the City Council is leading our City.”

Since voters approved Proposition A, the sales taxes revenues will be administered by the Type 4B EDC appointed by the City Council. The corporation determines which projects to fund, with the City Council retaining authority to approve all programs and expenditures of the corporation.

A Type 4B EDC may use the Type B sales tax for any project eligible under Type A rules and several other project types, including quality of life improvements. Type B corporations may pay for land, buildings, equipment, facilities, targeted infrastructure and improvements for:

  • Professional and amateur sports and athletic facilities, tourism and entertainment facilities, convention facilities and public parks;
  • Related store, restaurant, concession, parking and transportation facilities;
  • Related street, water and sewer facilities; and
  • Affordable housing.

To promote and develop new and expanded business enterprises that create or retain primary jobs, a Type B EDC may fund:

  • Entertainment districts;
  • Retail and restaurant establishments;
  • Public safety facilities;
  • Recycling facilities;
  • Streets, roads, drainage and related improvements;
  • Demolition of existing structures;
  • General municipally owned improvements; and
  • Maintenance and operating costs associated with projects.

The Hutto EDC promotes the economic development of the City of Hutto. Thanks to citizens of Hutto.