#1 Safest City (con't)

Hutto was number one with less than 100 crimes reported in 2018. The other two Central Texas cities who made the top 50 list are Robinson in McLennan County at #36 with 181 reported crimes, and Hewitt in McLennan County who came in at #38 with 222 reported crimes during 2018.
“As our community grows, along with all of Central Texas, we are proud to say that because of the hard-working men and women of the Hutto Police Department, people feel comfortable moving to our city,” said Assistant Police Chief Cody Cazalas. “The citizens know that we are here to protect them and that their families are in a community with outstanding police protection.”
The National Council for Home Safety and Security (NCHSS) is a nationaltrade association comprised of companies in the securitysector, including licensed alarm installers, contractors, and other relevant trade groups across the United States. NCHSS compiled the top 50 list by taking the total number of crimes reported by each city by adding violent crimes and property crimes based on the crimes reported per 1,000 population.
Chief Paul Hall  credits citizens and city leadership for this designation. "The success of being the safest city in Texas is due to the fact tjat our citizens play a major role in making Hutto a safe place to live," said Chief Hall. "We all watch after one another and take pride in having a safe and protected quality of life."
For a complete list of the communities on the top 50 list go to alarms.org/safest-cities-in-texas/.