The City Council is seeking engaged residents who want to be actively involved in their community and help support and accomplish the city’s vision. Board and commission members are a critical part of local government and shape the future direction of Hutto. You can make a difference in your community by volunteering to serve on one of the following boards or commissions:               

Building and Standards  Commission meets as needed

The purpose of this commission is to hear appeals and render decisions upon rulings by the building official when requests for a modification or a variation have been made and denied. The Commission will also serve as the fire code board of appeals. 

Planning and Zoning Commission meets first Tuesday of each month

The Planning and Zoning Commission is an advisory commission that makes recommendations to the City Council regarding zoning cases, infrastructure plans and issues related to the development of the city. They also review and study plats for conformance with city and state requirements, as well as annually recommend an Annexation Plan, Five Year Capital Improvements Plan, and review and recommend changes for the City’s Comprehensive Plans.

Parks Advisory Board meets the second Wednesday of each month

The Parks Advisory Board makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the planning, development, and operations of parks and trails, assists in preparing grants, and engages citizens and other individuals for future park development.

Ethics Review Commission meets as needed

The Ethics Review Commission is responsible for hearing and ruling upon complaints alleging violations by a city official of specific enumerated standards of conduct, and renders advisory opinions on potential conflicts of interest or violation at the request of a city official.

Library Advisory Board meets quarterly

The Library Advisory Board makes recommendation to the City Council concerning the planning, development and operations of the City Library, assists in preparing grants, and engages citizens and other individuals for future library development. 

Historic Preservation Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of each month

The Historic Preservation Commission is responsible for protecting and enhancing the historic and architectural elements of the City’s 1911 historic district and for promoting the City’s cultural heritage. The commission recommends designation of a historic district or historic landmark, renders decisions on certificates of appropriateness and demolition requests, develops public outreach, education, and awareness programs, recommends tax or other financial incentives to encourage preservation, prepare and promote design guidelines for historic landmarks, recommends acquisition of endangered historic resources to the City Council when necessary, and conduct and administer historic resource surveys.

Zoning Board of Adjustment meets as needed

The Zoning Board of Adjustment considers variance requests, hears appeals, and special exceptions related to the City’s zoning and development codes.

Applications are available on the City’s website and in the lobby of City Hall, 401 W. Front St. Applications are due by August 31, 2017. For additional information, please contact the City Secretary’s office at or (512) 759-4033.

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