The city of Hutto is pleased to report several street and drainage improvement projects haveCountry Estates Drainage 1 been completed with more scheduled for completion throughout 2018. New equipment purchased by the City for a stand-alone Streets and Drainage department has contributed to the ability of the City to repair streets rather than contracting the services out to other companies.

“Instead of paying the private sector to repair our roads, having the streets and drainage program has allowed the city to self-perform and see savings in the general fund allowing us to add 8 new police officers to the Hutto Police Department,” said Mayor Pro-tem Tom Hines.

This purchase and the development of a comprehensive infrastructure improvement program is part of the Magnificent 7, a group of projects and investments prioritized by the City Council to enhance Hutto’s infrastructure and public safety.

“This is taking care of growth demands, but it’s also taking care of what we have,” said ScotLimmer Loop Drainage 1 Stromsness, Managing Director of Public Works, “which is a position we haven’t been in before.”

Drainage projects in Country Estates and along Limmer Loop were completed in March 2018, leading to reduced mosquito infestation during the summer and mitigation of road flooding issues. 

Two out of three drainage flumes in Clark’s Crossing have been regraded through City of Hutto easements, and the final grading at Pheasant Cove will be started in late spring 2018.

Two road maintenance projects in Riverwalk and Lakeside Estates were completed in late 2017. Both projects involved crack-sealing the roads to prevent damage to main arterial roads. The City of Hutto also completed construction on the City-controlled section of County Road 119. It has been milled and overlaid, and is considered substantially complete.
Stewart Drive and Johnson Cove are scheduled to be repaired in late spring. Stewart Drive repairs will involve fixing sunken areas and road base failures, while the work on Johnson Cove will repair the base and road surface.
Early summer projects include road and base repair, along with sealing to address “alligator cracking” issues on Great Western, as well as base replacement along a 100 ft. stretch of Gainer Drive.

The high spot at the intersection of Cockrill Court and Cockrill Street is slated to be repaired mid-summer, and the road base and sunken areas of Mitchell Drive will be worked on during the same time frame.

Alligator cracking and base and road repair on Carl Stern Drive between Chris Kelley Boulevard and Front Street is scheduled in late summer, and crews will begin repairing sunken spots along Herrera Trail.

“It’s crucial that we get out there and maintain our roads so they last.” said Stromsness. “The long term outlook is that we’re utilizing our tax dollars properly and effectively improving the lifespan of our streets and drainage-ways.”