The building was built in 1895, along with the other buildings on the 100 block of East Street in Hutto, Texas. This particular space housed several business over the years, according to owner Kay Johnson. 

“Mrs. Hutto had a millinery shop in this building, where she made hats for the ladies of the town, and then it was a saddlery and farming implements store,” she said. "We had the original sign repainted on the back of the building."
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The original orientation of the businesses was 180 degrees from the current configuration, meaning the alley running behind the building was originally the entrance from the street.

Johnson and her husband purchased the 3000 square foot space to serve as the office for their accounting firm, and renovated the space extensively. 

”We gutted it. We removed the original wood floors and dug down to create room for a second floor,” Johnson said. “Then we rewired everything, and painted and made offices. There’s an entire second floor with its own entrance now.”
The Johnsons both moved to Hutto in the mid-1970s, she said, although they didn’t know each other at the time. They both raised families, and their children graduated from Hutto High School. They married in 2000, and have watched the community grow up around them.

“We’ve seen the town grow from 600 to where it is now. It’s been interesting to watch the development of this farming community, watch the schools grow and businesses,” said Johnson. “We’ve been here for a long time, that’s why this place matters so much to me.”

This space isn’t the only one that’s been renovated along Hutto’s East Street as the historic Downtown revitalizes and ties the growth of the future with the accomplishments of the past.

“It’s just been interesting to be in a historic place that’s lasted so long and has seen so much,” she said. “[This building] was involved in the beginning of the community, and its been here generations.”

“This is a close, wonderful community,” Johnson said. “We love being here.”