380x380 Cirty of Hutto 2018 Survey (1)The City of Hutto recently sent out a Resident Survey. It was mailed out to a sample of Hutto residents on May 11. The survey contains thirty-two questions that are extremely important to the city for planning and decision-making purposes. Questions in the survey relate to a variety of topics to include the following:

  • Quality of life
  • Mobility
  • Development
  • City Services

Conducting surveys allows for objective information and developing recommended decisions and courses of actions based on analyzed results. The survey is being conducted by the Texas State University on behalf of the city.

Addresses were randomly selected to receive the survey. The survey takes an estimated twenty minutes to complete. The responses provided are completely confidential, and the information provided will be stored electronically and on-site for three years.  

Participation in the scientific survey is optional but extremely important. Thanks to those who provided feedback by filling out the survey and returning it in the self-addressed postage paid envelope by June 15.

If you were not randomly selected to participate in the scientific survey being run by researchers at Texas State University, but would like to participate in the Hutto Open Survey, please feel free to provide your feedback to the online version of the survey at https://bit.ly/2JPhpKZ