This Place Matters- Thig’s Diamond Kutz  This place matters- thigs

Located at 105 East Street, in Hutto’s beautiful historic downtown, Thig’s Diamond Kutz, owned by Will De’Angelo, is Hutto’s very own family oriented barbershop. 
“I wanted this to be a place where were people come, congregate, get great service, and find camaraderie,” said De’Angelo. “People come in and feel like family and connect with others in the community.”
Like many of the other buildings along East Street, 105 East Street was build in the late 1800s, and has housed several different buildings, including the salon occupying the premises when De’Angelo bought the building.
“This half of the building was a salon for about 20 years. It was owned by Miss Johnson and her husband,” he said. “She was a great lady, she came in and welcomed me to the building when I bought it. They used to live upstairs and area where the shop is used to be the garage, but her husband converted it.”
De’Angelo was cutting hair in Pflugerville when he started to look around for a place that needed his services and a friendly hometown barbershop. Hutto was a perfect choice, he said.
“Hutto is up and coming, and growing. I saw that five or six years ago, when I was cutting in Pflugerville,” he said, “and I thought ‘where could I come and expand my services? Who needs me?’”
Living in Star Ranch at the time, De’Angelo started visiting Hutto and felt the community needed an old-fashioned barbershop. 
“I saw that we needed a family-oriented barbershop,” he said. “I just felt it in my heart and my spirit, this area and this demographic and I was right.”
The historic district was an easy choice for De’Angelo.
“Highway 79 is right where downtown is located, and this is where people come when they want to know a little bit about Hutto,” he said. “It was the perfect location.” 
The coming growth is exciting to De’Angelo. “This City is very multicultural and these businesses that are coming, the Co-Op District, and the other endeavors are great for the economy and those coming here,” he said. “It’s opportunity to expand as well, because we have to keep up with the demand. “
Thig’s has become a place where families and members of the community gather to network, bond and build friendships, said De’Angelo, and that’s exactly how he wants it.
“We wanted to be the kind of shop that’s old-fashioned, but welcoming to anyone who walks in the door,” he said, “and I think we are. We’ve been here over two years and happily accepted into the community and have embraced us as family. It’s been great.”