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MyPermitNow Accounts

To report problems with creating or accessing a user account and or creating a permit, please call 866-957-3764 for assistance. In order for you to add your permits to your account you will have to have a verified phone number that we have listed on your permits. Usually the number we list is the corporate office number to the company you are employed, it's the number listed on the permit applications. You can list more than one number on you account such as your personal number and the corporate office number. If your corporate office number goes to a phone answering system you will have to call MyPermitNow at 866-957-3764 to ask them to do a manual verification.

Inspections must be requested by 3 pm the day prior to the day you are needing the inspection. If after 3 pm, it will not go on the next business day but will go on the day after. All cancellations must be called into the office before 10 am. If you have submitted a Layout/Plumbing rough you must upload your Form Survey on MyPermitNow.

Alternative Inspection Requests

You can also use the Inspection Request Form (PDF). Please print and either fax to 512-759-5962 or scan and email to Inspections.