Co-Op District

Hutto, a charming Central Texas city that prides itself on preserving its history while forging ahead to the future, will soon be home to The Co-Op District, a dynamic 35-acre business, retail, entertainment and residential destination located on what is known as The Gin property.

The mixed-use, walkable Hutto Co-Op District development will serve as home to the new Hutto City Hall and City Library, and will be a community gathering destination with a wide range of activities and offerings for all ages, including high-density residential, retail, entertainment, hotel, amphitheater, movie theater and restaurants, along with a civic center and offices.

Hutto's Agricultural Heritage

The Hutto Co-Op was one of the strongest visual symbols of Hutto representing the agricultural heritage of the community. Organized and built beginning in 1937, the Hutto Co-Op soon became associated with the community identity. Farmers would load up their cotton trailers and wagons and head to the cotton gins for the processing of their contents. In early 2004, two separate entities owning approximately 18-acres of property and structure, Hutto Co-Op Gin and Hutto Co-Op Grainery, sold it to the City of Hutto.

While many of the grain structures were sold off by the city over the years, the few remaining on site form an integral part of the new Hutto Co-Op District master plan.