Parks & Recreation Projects

Hutto Community Park Renovation Project

Hutto Community Park is the first Bond-funded park renovation project. Started on April 23, 2019, renovations to the park include new shade structures, a new playground, sidewalks, and fencing, as well as improved access to the facilities.

Check out the first Bond-financed park project groundbreaking on Facebook.

This proposition also authorizes the construction of and equipment for a recreation center and athletic fields.

Park Renovation Completion

Hutto Community Park renovation was completed in October 2019. The improvements were funded under Prop C of the Bond passed in November 2018. Proposition C is for constructing, acquiring, improving, renovating, developing and equipping, land, buildings, and supporting infrastructure for parks and recreational purposes, including:

  • Extension of roadways, trails, parking and/or drainage improvements at or integrated into parks
  • The purchase of any necessary rights-of-way and related infrastructure and other costs
  • Renovation of existing parks and recreational facilities

Hutto Community Park Flyover

Creekside Park

Creekside Park will see the installation of a new playground, walkway to the playground and shade structure. There is also scheduled construction of new fields and sidewalks.

Hutto Lake Park

Hutto Lake Park will see improvements to parking, lighting in the parking lot and park, and installation of the shade structures over play areas. Also, renovations to the existing trails and construction of new trails. Hutto Lake Park will have updates to lake perimeter, trails, and playground equipment.

Fritz Park

At Fritz Park, there will be renovations to the existing youth fields, upgrades to the playground for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance and improvements to the restroom facilities. Fritz Park will also see the addition of a splash pad.