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We believe in making Hutto a destination through our mission of advancing growth and opportunity.Welcome to the Hutto Economic Development Corporation (EDC) webpage! Resources including data, maps, and available properties are listed on the lateral navigation of this page. Information on Hutto EDC public meetings is found here

In the State of Texas, EDCs are given authority to use a set amount of local sales tax revenue to fund local facilities and amenities as well as certain business enterprises. The Hutto EDC can fund the creation or retention of primary jobs for projects such as manufacturing and industrial facilities, primary job training, public transportation facilities, certain infrastructure facilities, and research and development, as well as parks, events, museums, tourist facilities, and sports facilities—all following certain legislative restrictions. 

Hutto, Texas is a growing community in the Texas Hill Country that is consistently ranked as one of the fastest-growing locations in Texas. As of February 2022, nearly 40,000 people now call this up-and-coming city home.  

Through our mission of advancing growth and opportunity, the Hutto EDC has made Hutto not only a home but a destination. Hutto has numerous advantages for developers and prospects, including being a transportation hub, supporting a thriving community, and having an extensive amount of available land for development. The EDC aims to provide a big-city experience with a small-town quality of life, which means accepting the right projects that will allow our current business to grow and thrive in Hutto—as well as provide newcomers a chance to make a big mark. 

Hutto Highlights

  • The average size of Hutto’s most active economic development prospects is greater than $1 billion in new capital and more than 2,000 jobs.
  • About 15% of all the economic development prospects looking at Greater Austin are actively considering Hutto.
  • Southern Business & Development named Hutto one of the “Top 100 Places in Major Markets to Locate Your Business.”
  • The City of Hutto ranks 7th in the Austin metro area for new home starts, with nearly 1,800 permits issued since January 2021.

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