Highlights of Hutto Plaza

Highlights of Hutto Plaza is a neighborhood serving retail shopping center located at the corner of Ed Schmidt Boulevard and Emory Farms Avenue. The shopping center's location is within blocks from U.S. Highway 79 with over 35,000 vehicles, daily. It is in close proximity to Emory Farms and other nearby neighborhoods as well as Innovation Business Park which is anticipated to be a major employment center for the City of Hutto in upcoming years.

The development is comprised of 47,480 square feet of restaurant and retail space on a 6 acre site. Four buildings are planned for the development including: 3,400 square foot restaurant pad site, 6,900 square foot restaurant pad site, 17,400 retail building with an outdoor patio on the end cap, and 11,300 retail building. Urban Foundry Architecture out of Austin designed Highlights of Hutto Plaza with an upscale, modern, urban feel.

Site Advantages

  • $8.6 Billion Total Purchasing Power
  • 375,000 Square Feet of Unmet Retail Demand
  • Ranked Number 1 Local City for Young Couples
  • Ranked Number 7 Fastest Growing City in America

Community Highlights

  • 35,000 cars travel on Highway 79 every day
  • Average household income: $93,371
  • Home ownership: 87%
  • Home value: $250,000 to $400,000
  • Population within 15 miles: 581,027
  • Single Family New Residential
    • North of U.S. 79: 89% increase predicted
    • South of U.S. 79: 45% increase predicted

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