Hutto Independent School District

Hutto Independent School District (ISD) is a proud district that develops community involvement and support through strong relationships and caring for all kids.

The district recently became the first in the area to offer a full-day Head Start program.

Programs & Offerings

Hutto ISD offers more than just a high school diploma through a wide-range of advanced and college-level courses, dual-credit coursework including:

  • Award-winning and state-recognized art, band, music and athletic programs
  • Business and veterinarian programs
  • Career and Technical Education programs
  • Excellent expanded facilities
  • Health sciences
  • Numerous certifications including culinary arts
  • A state-awarded and nationally recognized FCCLA program

Student Size Increase

During the past 10 years, the number of students attending Hutto ISD has increased from just over 1,000 students in one K-12 campus to over 6,200 students at eight campuses, and enrollment continues to grow by nearly 300 students each year.

Hutto ISD Statistics

  • 2014 Graduates: 312
  • 2016 to 2017 Hutto Total Enrollment: 6,946
  • 2016 to 2017 Operating Budget: $58,088,000
  • Alternate Campus: 1
  • Average Teacher Years of Experience within the District: 4.7 years
  • Average Teacher Years of Experience: 7.6 years
  • Elementary Campuses: 6
  • High School: 1
  • Middle Schools: 2
  • Number of Campuses: 10
  • Number of Employees: 973
  • Student-to-Teacher Rate: 14.9
  • Tax Rate: 1.67