Fiscal & Budgetary Policy

The broad purpose of the Fiscal and Budgetary Policy is to enable the City to achieve and maintain a long-term stable and positive financial condition, and provide guidelines for the day-to-day planning and operations of the City's financial affairs. The City's financial management, as directed by this Policy, is based upon the foundation of integrity, prudent stewardship, planning, accountability and full disclosure.

Review Hutto's Fiscal and Budgetary Policy (PDF).

Purchasing Policy

Purchasing policy and procedures help provide support to City departments to make best value purchases and stay in compliance with state and local requirements.  

Review Hutto's Procurement Polices and Procedures (PDF)  

Investment Policy

This Policy establishes guidelines for those who can invest City funds, for how City funds will be invested, and for when and how a periodic review of investments will be made. In addition to this Policy, bond funds (as defined by the Internal Revenue Service) shall be managed by their governing resolution and all applicable State and Federal law.

Review Hutto's Investment Policy (PDF)