2005 Annexations

Annexation NameOrdinance NumberDate ApprovedStatus
Hutto Square Sections 5 and 64-18-05A (PDF)April 18, 2005Annexed
Park at Brushy Creek PUD4-18-05B (PDF)April 18, 2005Annexed
Avington Heights (Emory Farms)4-18-05C (PDF)April 18, 2005Annexed
Avington Heights (Emory Farms)4-18-05D (PDF)April 18, 2005Annexed
Glenwood Subdivision Sections 5 and 69-6-05A (PDF)September 6, 2005Annexed
Meadows at Cottonwood Creek PUD10-24-05A (PDF)October 24, 2005Annexed
Hutto Fire Station Number 210-24-05B (PDF)October 24, 2005Annexed
Townwest Commons Tract 310-24-05C (PDF)October 24, 2005Annexed
Hutto 400 (Crossings of Carmel Creek)12-19-05A (PDF)December 19, 2005Annexed