Hutto Arts Today

Hutto Arts Today is a local cultural arts organization consisting of people in the community who are artist and/or love art. Be sure to visit the Hutto Arts Today Facebook page for more information.

Local Hutto Authors

The following is a list of local authors who live in and around Hutto:

  • Albright, Gale, Author
  • Blackman Holmstrom, Betty Sue, Author
  • Cozzone, Kelly, Author
  • Davenport, Hugh S, Author
  • deSoto, Carl, Author
  • Dyson, Gretchen
  • Elby, Amber, Author
  • Ellison, Marilyn, Author
  • Fowler, Mike, Author
  • Johansson, Göran, Author
  • Jones, Mitchell, Author
  • King, Elliot C., Author
  • Lott, Sandy, Author
  • Meeker, David Wayne, Author
  • Melton, Henry, Author
  • Orange, Jerry, Author
  • Sharboneau, Shanalee, Author
  • Torres, Stacey, Author
  • Wilson, John, Author
  • Wyers, Melinda, Author

Artist Showcase Program

The Artist Showcase Program allows artists in the community to sign up to display their artwork for a 6 week period. The program both inspires and educates people in the community about the arts. Its also a great way for new local artists to be discovered. Artwork is displayed in the meeting area of the library for the public to view.  The following is a list of artists that have participated in the showcase program:

  • Adair, Bill and Lu
  • Ard, Alisha K., Artist
  • Baldwin, Betty, Artist
  • Belshin, Ellen, Artist
  • Black, Christie, Artist
  • Burcar, Jack, Artist
  • Cole, Dynisha, Artist
  • Contreras, Beverly, Artist
  • Coombs, Jessica, Artist
  • Crider, Jerrel, Artist
  • Hayes, Jordan PH., Artist
  • Hutto Hooks and Needles, Artists
  • John, Chesiel, Artist
  • Johnson, Andrea, Artist
  • Leisman, Marianne, Artist
  • Mattie, Blanca, Artist
  • Melton, Ethel, Artist
  • Misiti, Susan, Artist
  • Parker, Jeremy, Artist
  • Rogers, Jasmine, Artist
  • Romero, Stephen, Artist
  • Spry, Jordan, Artist
  • Trevino, Robert, Artist
  • Valdez, Maria (a.k.a. Kookie), Artist

The Mahlon & Roberta Arnett Art Book Collection

Hutto residents, Mahlon and Roberta Arnett, donated a portion of their special art book collection to the Hutto Public Library on November 10, 2015. The collection stemmed from beloved family member Martha R. Arnett who traveled the world. Due to the large sizes, rarity, and delicate condition of some of the books, they are part of a special Artist Showcase Collection. The collection may only be used in the Library for reference. To find a book in the collection visit the Hutto Public Library's Online Catalog and search for the keyword Mahlon and Roberta Arnett. The bookcase that the materials are being display on are a donation from a local Hutto resident.

Online Art Research Resources