Fines & Court Costs

The amount of fine the Court assesses is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. In Court, the Judge sets the fine amounts based on case circumstances.

Maximum Violation Fines

  • Certain City ordinance violations: $2,000
  • Misdemeanor State Law violations: $500
  • Most Municipal Court traffic violations: $200
  • Other City ordinance violations: $500

Additional Fines / Fees

In addition to the fine amount assessed, court costs mandated by state law will be charged based on the offense. Court costs are assessed if you are found guilty at trial, if your case is deferred for a driving safety course, or if your case is deferred and you are placed on deferred prosecution. If you are found not guilty, court costs will not be assessed.

Time Payment Reimbursement

Time Payment Reimbursement fee (Article 102.030 Code of Criminal Procedures) Municipal Court shall collect a fee of $15 from a person who has been convicted, pays any part of the fine, court costs, or restitution on or after the 31st day after the date judgement is entered.

Defensive Driving

If you are choosing to do Defensive Driving when your violation occurred in a school zone the law requires a $25 Child Safety Fee that the State receives for those violations occurring in a school zone.

Issued Warrant

If a warrant is issued, an additional $50 fee is assessed.