Trail Maps & Information

Cottonwood Trail

The Cottonwood Trail is approximately 3.2 miles in length. In 2005, the trail originated in Fritz Park and connected to Creekside Park. The trail meanders along Cottonwood Creek to connect the two parks. Later sections were added which included sidewalk pathways along Carl Stern Boulevard and Mager Lane.

Trail Additions

Cottonwood Trail Map (JPEG) Opens in new windowWhen these additions were added, the Cottonwood Trail connected Hutto Elementary to Nadine Johnson Elementary. The original idea for this trail occurred as a way to connect all Hutto Independent School District campuses so that children could walk or ride their bikes to school and never have to cross an unprotected section of roadway. In 2002-03, when the original project was conceived and designed, Nadine Johnson Elementary was known as the Primary School grades K to 2, Hutto Elementary School was grades 3 to 5, the old school campus on College Street was known as Hutto Middle School for grades 6 to 8, and the Hutto High School housed grades 9 to 12. This project started the push to make Hutto a walkable community.

Park Master Plan

Things have changed a bunch in Hutto and efforts are being made to connect more neighborhoods to our parks and schools. Our Parks Master Plan identifies many things about how our trail system can and plans to grow. For more information on the plan, visit our Master Plan page.

Hutto Lake Park Trails

The park is just under forty acres of land, which includes a pond approximately 10 acres when full at normal capacity. Find directions to Hutto Lake Park.

The two trails total 1.25 miles of trail and are a mix of decomposed granite gravel and concrete sidewalk. The concrete sidewalk around the small pond is 1/4 mile in length. The decomposed granite gravel trail around the large pond is 1 mile in length.

View a Map of the Hutto Lake Park Trails (PDF).