Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement Division is now part of the Hutto Police Department. As part of the public safety team, Code Enforcement works to uphold the laws established by the City of Hutto and the State of Texas to maintain the health, safety and sanitation of our community. Strong, consistent code enforcement ensures safe, desirable living and working environments, helps maintain property values, and works toward the goal of preserving neighborhood integrity and enhancement of community values.

City Ordinance Code Enforcement

In an effort to keep the City clean, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing, Code Enforcement enforces City ordinances relating to:

  • Dangerous structures
  • Debris
  • High grass and weeds
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Sign code violations

Commercial Businesses

Besides nuisance ordinances, the City of Hutto also prohibits running a commercial business out of a residence. This does not apply to home occupations such as working from home on computers doing medical billing, real estate, etc, but real commercial businesses with employees reporting to work. If you see the same vehicles arriving at the same times during the week and then leaving around the same times, a commercial business may be in operation. This causes excessive traffic, noise, and danger for the neighborhood.

To submit a complaint, please contact Code Enforcement Officer Ronee Huerta at 512-759-5994 or by email.