Long Range Master Plans

Long-range planning and the associated adopted master plans serve as cornerstones in the development process providing a strategic roadmap for the future. These documents extend beyond immediate considerations, offering a look into the future while integrating land use, infrastructure, and the community's needs. These plans, in part, allow Hutto to navigate the complexities of development and make informed decisions that will withstand the test of time and provide a resilient foundation for generations to come.

Mobility Master Plan

In September 2017, the City Council authorized the City Manager to execute an agreement for professional engineering services with Kennedy Consulting for the creation of a Mobility Master Plan. The Mobility Master Plan was adopted in July 2018 and is currently being updated. 

SOAR 2040 Comprehensive Plan and Downtown Plan

SOAR is an acronym - Strengths, Opportunities, Actions, and Response - to understand where Hutto has been and provide direction towards the future. The Comprehensive Plan page contains the adopted plan as well as the appendix. 

The Downtown Plan was created to guide informed decisions about Downtown. It sets the vision, establishes attainable goals, and provides action items to help the community maintain and enhance the historic core of the City. The Downtown Plan is adopted within Hutto SOAR 2040

Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

The Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Trails Master Plan outlines the City's plans to obtain additional parkland, manage park improvement projects and maintain the existing parkland properties and facilities. The current plan was adopted in January 2020. Currently, the Parks and Recreation Department is updating the Trails Master Plan, Athletic Feasibility Study, and Parks and Recreation Master Plan. 

Visit the Park Master Plan page for more information.

Water and Wastewater Master Plans

Both the Water and Wastewater Master Plans were updated and adopted in 2022.  The goals of each study were to maintain a proactive approach for future growth and to aid in recommending a Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for each system. 

Water Master Plan

Wastewater Master Plan

Drainage Master Plan

Hutto adopted the first ever Drainage Master Plan in 2018. The plan will be updated in 2024.