Animal Control

The City has a leash law, please make sure all pets are leashed.

Lost Pets & Hutto Animal Shelter

Hutto Animal Control works hard to reunite lost pets with owners. When a pet is found, it's scanned for a microchip. If microchipped the owners are contacted immediately (Always keep owner information current). If a found animal is not microchipped, our team reaches out to several Hutto area pet forums via social media to post pictures and contact information within minutes of pick-up.

If an owner cannot be reached, depending on a variety of factors, lost pets will either be brought first to the temporary holding facility in Hutto or to the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown. It is the policy of the Williamson County Animal Shelter to hold unidentified animals (cannot locate an owner) for 72 hours after their arrival and identified animals (owners identified but not able to locate) are held for 5 days. After the animal hold times expire, the animals will be eligible to the public for adoption. Visit the Lost and Found online forum.

Shelter Fee

If a pet is sheltered overnight at the temporary holding facility in Hutto, a fee of $60 will be assessed and must be paid prior to being permitted to pick the pet up.

City of Hutto Pet License, Registration & Vaccinations

Pets are required to be vaccinated yearly or triennial (3 year vaccination) for rabies per Texas Administrative Code Chapter 169, Subchapter A Rabies Control and Eradication.

Additionally, Pet Licensing/Registration is a requirement for City of Hutto residents. The requirement is defined in the Hutto Code of Ordinances, Chapter 4, Article 4.08.

Pet Registration & Fees

Fees are $10 for unaltered pets and $5 for altered, we accept cash and checks. You must provide a current vaccination certification to purchase a pet license/registration to the Hutto Police Department. You can also register your animal online through the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter.

Bee Removal

Hutto Animal Control does not remove bees, wasps or hives. Professional honeybee removal and rescue experts can help transfer bees to an environment that they will thrive in. Here is a list of beekeepers who service our area:

  • Bee Removal Round Rock
    Phone: 757-748-6142
  • Bee Rescue Swarm Removal
    Phone: 512-220-0280
  • Honeybee ATX
    Phone: 512-554-5156
  • Keith's Bee Removal
  • Lazy Double J
    Phone: 512-658-4768