Compliments & Complaints


Just as we recognize that conflicts between citizens and agency employees can arise, we also realize that there are times when employees go above and beyond the call of duty. Law enforcement employees, like everyone else, appreciate it when their good deeds are noticed. Too often they are remembered for the traffic tickets they issue or the arrests they make, and not for the thousands of helping hands they extend.

If an officer or employee of the Hutto Police Department provides services that you feel they should be commended for, please write the Lieutenant a letter or note to that effect, giving your feelings on what the officer or employee has done that deserves commendation.

The Lieutenant will see that it gets to the employee and that a copy is placed in the employee's personnel file. This boosts their morale and encourages them, all other officers and employees of the department to be more positive about themselves and the service they provide.

Submit a Compliment

Submit a compliment online to notify a law enforcement employee of their good deed.


The Hutto Police Department is dedicated to providing the best police service possible to all of Hutto's citizens. Your police employees are carefully selected and given the best training possible in order to provide this service. However, you may have an occasion to lodge a complaint about the actions of a member of Hutto Police. In order to be responsive to you, we are providing the following information about how complaints are made, how they are investigated, and the final outcome of your complaint.

Texas State Law Requirements

Texas State Law requires that all complaints against police officers must be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. Just as citizens who are arrested must be notified of the charges against them, the police officer must be given a copy of the complaint before any disciplinary action may be taken. Complaints must be made by the person aggrieved. Other persons may give statements as witnesses.

Investigation Results

The Internal Affairs Division will conduct a thorough investigation of your complaint and you will be advised of the results.

Traffic Investigations

Traffic citations issued or differences of opinions between police officers over the issuance of traffic citations as to the guilt or innocence of persons arrested will not be investigated unless there is a specific allegation of misconduct against officers.

False Complaints

Sometimes people make false complaints against police officers. Citizens should be aware that this is a violation of the Texas Penal Code. Section 37.02 (PERJURY) provides punishment for those individuals adjudged guilty of committing an offense, if with intent to deceive and had knowledge of the statements meaning; he makes a false statement under oath or swears to the truth of a false statement previously made and the statement is required or authorized by law to be made under oath.

A person convicted under this section can be confined in jail for a term of not more than one year and a fine not to exceed $4,000. This information is not intended to intimidate citizens or prevent them from making valid complaints. It is the intent of the department to persuade individuals from seeking retribution by filing false complaints against police officers.

Submit a Complaint

The Hutto Police Department is vitally concerned with the welfare of all Hutto citizens and in taking action where employees have proven derelict in their duties or are guilty of misconduct. If it becomes necessary for you to make a complaint, you can be assured that it will be given a fair and thorough investigation.

Download and print a Complaint Form (PDF) to be submitted to the Hutto Police Department. If the information on the form is completed prior to arriving at the Hutto Police Department, do not sign the form. It must be notarized and it cannot be notarized if the document is already signed.