Home Security Checklist

The security inspection of your home should begin at the front door and work around the entire outside of the home. Include all doors, windows, locks, lights, landscaping, gates, and garage in your inspection. If professional advice and assistance in making a security inspection is desired, call the Crime Prevention Officer from the Hutto Police Department at 512-846-2057.


  • Ensure all doors entering the living quarters from the outside, garage and basement are made of metal or solid construction
  • Install door frames strong enough and tight enough to prevent forcing or spreading
  • Door hinges should be protected from removal on the outside
  • Windows within any door or within 40 inches of locks are a security concern
  • All door locks should be adequate and in good repair
  • Confirm strikes and strike plates are adequate and properly installed
  • The locking mechanism should be distanced or obscured from any mail slot, delivery port, or pet door
  • Install adequate locks for screen or storm doors
  • Light all outside entrances with at least a 40 watt light
  • Entrances should be clearly observed from the street or public area
  • Keep your porch contents or landscaping from obscuring a view from the street or public area
  • Secure sliding doors and panels from being lifted off the tracks
  • Pins or key operated locks used on sliding glass doors are a security improvement


  • Install windows that have pinning devices in addition to the existing locks
  • Ensure windows have screens or storm windows that lock from inside
  • Clear concealing structures or landscaping surrounding windows
  • Adequately light exterior window areas
  • Trim trees and shrubbery from upper floor windows

Basement Doors & Windows

  • Secure any doors that lead to the basement from the exterior
  • Keep any basement entrance lighted by an exterior light of at least 40 watts
  • Do not conceal your basement doors or windows from neighbors
  • Ensure all basement windows are adequately secured from entrance

Garage Doors & Windows

  • Install an adequate lock to garage automobile entrance doors
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked at all times
  • Ensure garage windows are secured adequately
  • Secure any ground floor entrance or other outside utility entrance
  • Tools and ladders kept in a garage can be a security concern
  • Light all garage doors on the outside with at least a 40 watt bulb