Police Chaplain Program

Program Overview

The chaplain program of the Hutto Police department exists to support the officers and staff as they fulfill their mission. These local ministers are able to provide specialized counseling to officers and their families as needed.

The chaplains also assist officers in notifying families of the death or serious injuries suffered by a loved one. In such cases they are available to stay with the family until church or family support arrives. They are also available to call out for critical need incidents such as barricaded subjects, civil disasters and other traumatic occurrences.

Community Ministry

In addition to Police Chaplaincy training, our chaplains are also educated in the field of ministry and have extensive experience working with their respective religious organizations.

They are men and women who have chosen to extend their ministry into the community by working closely with the officers and staff of the Hutto Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. These men and women are available to be called out at all hours of the day and night to assist officers in notifying citizens of family members who are deceased, counsel citizens, or work with distraught families. They provide what some call "Ministry of Presence" bringing peace and comfort, wherever they can, to citizens of Hutto.

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