Vendor Permit Information

Iterant Vendors

Itinerant vendors are considered sales by businesses that are temporary in nature. Businesses of this type include, but are not limited to, roadside sales and mobile sales operations. A distributor, peddler, or solicitor (door-to-door sales) is considered to be certain fund-raising activities and any sales of consumer products within the city. Most solicitors will fall under this category. A peddler, solicitor, distributor, and itinerant vendor permit application must be completed, submitted, and approved by the Hutto Police Department PRIOR to the commencement of any sales activity.

Vendor Registration

Hutto city ordinance requires that all vendors register with the City of Hutto. Vendors shall include all distributors, peddlers, solicitors, or itinerant merchants, applicants and their agents, servants, employees, and representatives as any of those terms are defined herein (Ordinance article Number 8.04). A completed application with all required documents may be submitted to the Hutto Police Department to be considered for a permit. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please contact the Hutto Police Department for more information at 512-759-5978 ext. 6002 or by email.

Old Town

Any itinerant vendor considering selling in the Hutto Old Town district should contact the City of Hutto Development Services Department by phone at 512-846-2640.

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