Volunteers in Public Safety (VIPS)

Program Mission

The mission of the Hutto Volunteers in Public Safety Program (VIPS) is to encourage and support volunteerism to assist the City of Hutto and Hutto ISD Police Departments in providing services and programs while helping facilitate community well-being through volunteer support.


Volunteers provide services that the public desires, but sworn or civilian staff may not have the personnel to furnish. These services may include fingerprinting children, patrolling shopping centers, checking on homebound residents, or checking the security of vacationing residents' homes.

Become a Volunteer

Not only do VIPS enhance law enforcement-community relations, they will also gain a better understanding of the agency and can serve as well-informed ambassadors in the community. Apply to be a volunteer in Hutto VIPS by submitting the online VIPS Application.

Volunteer Programs Available

Administrative Services

  • Enter Data
  • Type reports, file, answer phones, and perform other office tasks
  • Help front counter personnel by answering citizen inquiries, directing visitors, and performing routine administrative tasks
  • Help telephone reporting units take reports of minor and no suspect crimes

Field Operations

  • Provide bike patrols in community parks
  • Patrol shopping centers during the holiday season to assist stranded motorists or lost children
  • Write citations for violations of handicapped parking restrictions
  • Provide home vacation checks
  • Provide visual deterrent
  • Conduct traffic surveys
  • Role playing and training scenarios for officers

Public Records

  • Compiling crime data for specific problem areas
  • Utilize crime mapping and analysis

Victims Assistance

  • Provide emotional support for victims
  • Assist in finding resources for victims
  • Support victim through victim assistance process

Emergency Management

  • Help prepare and respond to emergencies
  • Assist in disaster response
  • Provide emotional support for victims
  • Provide basic first aid in medical response
  • Assist in sheltering operations

Citizens on Patrol

Volunteers must have completed the Citizens Police Academy.

  • Participate in speakers bureau on topics such as disaster preparedness or identify theft
  • Staff community policing substations
  • Assist in school-based programs such as Early Intervention Programs
  • Role playing and training scenarios for officers