Bias Profiling

Bias Profiling Background

The 77th Texas Legislature addressed the issue of Bias Profiling by passing legislation requiring all law enforcement officers to report information to their respective agencies regarding vehicle or pedestrian contacts. Required information includes a physical description of the individual to include the person's gender and race or ethnicity. Officers will also collect data about searches they conduct, what contraband, if any, is located, and the reason for their stop or contact with a person.

Data Collection

Data collection of this magnitude was new for peace officers in the State of Texas and certainly in the City of Hutto. The Hutto Police Department does not wish to offend any person in our attempts to comply with Texas State law. These laws went into effect on September 1, 2001 and data collection by police departments commenced on January 1, 2002.

Bias Profiling Policy

Each law enforcement agency in the State of Texas is required by law to have a policy prohibiting bias profiling. The Hutto Police Department implemented its policy prohibiting bias profiling in December 2001. Our policy mirrors state law and calls for corrective action to occur in the event an incident of racial profiling is discovered. In addition, we have instituted a system to track data collected from all vehicle and pedestrian stops, complaint procedures for individuals who believe they were stopped as a result of racial profiling, and a public education program designed to inform citizens about the new changes in law.

Video & Audio Equipment

Texas State law also requires law enforcement agencies to examine the feasibility of installing audio and video recording equipment on "each law enforcement motor vehicle regularly used to make traffic stops", and transmitter activated equipment in each agency law enforcement vehicle regularly used to make traffic stops. The Hutto Police Department has equipped all of its patrol vehicles with equipment recommended by law and maintains video and audio records of each contact for a period of 90 days.

Bias Profiling Reports

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