Minimum Qualifications for Applicants

In order for an applicant to be considered for appointment for full time paid or non-paid with the Hutto Police Department, it is necessary that you meet the minimum qualifications set forth below. If you do not meet all qualifications, your application will be rejected. If the candidate is currently attending a Texas Peace Officer Academy, he/she may apply for open positions as long as the other requirements are met.

Initial Application

Age Requirements

At least 21 years of age is required to be appointed.

Education Requirements

Basic requirements as prescribed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.


  • Applicant must be a citizen of the United States.
  • Applicant must be a permanent resident in the State of Texas prior to becoming appointed as an officer.

Physical Condition

All applicants must be able to perform the duties as described in the job description, which can be obtained from the police department.


  • Applicant must possess a valid Texas Driver's License at the time of appointment.
  • Must be currently licensed with TCLEOSE as a Peace Officer, Reserve Officer (if applying for Reserve), or be eligible for such license prior to being appointed.

Background Investigation

A thorough background investigation is conducted in all aspects of your Personal History Statement. You must be able to establish evidence of good moral character and a well-adjusted personality. There cannot be any traits displayed which do not meet the usual standards of acceptable conduct. Evidence of conduct which could bring reproach upon the reputation of this department is grounds for rejection or termination if appointed and later found.

Past Employment

Past employment history, number of jobs, reasons for leaving, and employment references will be considered. Unfavorable records may be grounds for rejection. All cases will be considered and evaluated on an individual basis.

Criminal History

Past criminal history will be evaluated. Some specific disqualifiers related to an applicant's criminal history are listed in the applicant disqualifiers section of the application packet.

Initial Application