Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Projects

Capital Improvement Plan

The City of Hutto Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning document that identifies current and anticipated future infrastructure to plan for responsible growth within the City. Capital projects are intended to address infrastructure needs and generally contain four elements - Water and Wastewater, Transportation and Drainage, Parks and Recreation, and Municipal Facilities. The City Council annually adopts a Capital Improvements Plan as part of the annual budget process.

In 2018, the City of Hutto also laid out a Mobility Master Plan, in alignment with their Capital Improvement Plan, to ensure that as the City grows, the quality of life for residents continues to remain top priority. Below is more information about the projects approved for funding in Fiscal Year 2021. These projects will affect the quality of life for residents by improving traffic and public safety as well as improving drainage and reducing water rates.

Transportation Projects

Funding from 2018 Proposition A - Road and Drainage Bonds

  1. FM 1660 at U.S. 79 N
  2. FM 1660 and Limmer Loop
  3. Old Town Renovation Live Oak Street
  4. FM 1660 at U.S. 79 S
  5. Legends of Hutto Drains
  6. America’s Water Infrastructure Act Risk & Resiliency Assessment
  7. Ultimate Water Supply Study

FM 1660 at U.S. 79 N

This project will reduce delays and improve safety at the intersection by adding a dedicated right turn lane on FM 1660 southbound. The improvements will also increase the railroad preemption to safely clear motorists off the crossing intersection prior to trains approaching. City Council amended the original scope to remove a right turn lane along U.S. 79.

  • Construction will begin in 2022
  • Fiscal Year 2021 Cost: $500,000 to complete design, row acquisition, and utility relocation
  • Total Cost: Originally $1.4 Million but will be updated based on change of scope for removal of right turn lane along U.S. 79

Capital Improvement Program Projects Cornfirmed for Fiscal Year 2021

Past CIP Projects

  • CR 108 Waterline
  • FM 1660 North Hike and Bike Trail
  • FM 1660 South Sidewalk
  • FM 685 CIP Project
  • Hutto Family YMCA
  • Hutto Lake Park
  • Limmer Loop Rehabilitation
  • Parkland Acquisition
  • Pavement Management Study